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2017 Minnesota Promising Practices Award Program

Fosston High School – Fosston
Life Story Project
The “Life Story Project” provided grade 10 English students the opportunity to create an illustrated diary of a nursing home and/or assisted living resident’s life, telling their life story.
Contact – Patti Johnson:
Principle: 10 
Topics: Academics, Relationship Building, Service to Community/Service Learning

Lakes International Language Academy – Forest Lake
The Dot Dragon
In art classes, K–5 students read “The Dot” and learned about community. Working in mini-communities of five, students used the school’s core-value attributes to create a colorful, collaborative wall collage of a dragon, the school mascot.
Contact – Tracy Mauer:
Principles: 1 and 3
Topics: Visual Display of Core Values, Integration into Curriculum, Teaching/Learning of Core Values
North Star Academy – Duluth
Core Value Jamboree
The Core Value Jamboree is an intentional opportunity for students to apply understanding of core values, bully prevention, and the school motto of be safe, kind, and responsible to real life situations.
Contact – Tammy Rackliffe:
Principles: 2 and 4
Topics: Differentiation/Performance Character, Bullying/Peer Cruelty Prevention, Teaching/Learning of Core Values
Tri-City United Schools – Montgomery
Hangout and Read
High schoolers took a leadership role to improve reading skills of elementary students using technology.
Contact – Joey Wollenburg:
Principles: 4, 5
Topics: Academics, Leadership Groups, Relationship Building
Wheaton Area Middle/High School – Wheaton
Wheaton Area Pay It Forward Homeroom Project
Through an anonymous donation, the school gave each homeroom an amount of money and challenged them to grow the amount through projects and activities to benefit a local or global organization.  
Contact – Martin Lanter:
Principles: 5 and 7
Topics: Service to Community/Service Learning, Social Issues/Diversity/Tolerance

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