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2018 Minnesota Promising Practices Award Program

Coon Rapids High School — Coon Rapids
CR | One Team | KINDNESS Matters
Through an emphasis on behavioral targets, anti-bullying and acceptance messages, Coon Rapids High School makes kindness a focus for the school community. Staff and students organize assemblies, contests, daily and school-wide challenges, spirit weeks and speakers to develop skills in treating others with respect and kindness, persevering in tasks and learning from mistakes.
Contact: Dr. Annette Ziegler,
Principle(s): 1, 2
Topics: Bullying/Peer Cruelty Prevention, Teaching/Learning of Core Values, Student Autonomy Empowerment
Lakes International Language Academy — Forest Lake
Growing Together: LILA’s Garden for School and Beyond
LILA's iTerm Gardening class and Garden Club, led by students, grows fresh, organic produce for the cafeteria and local food pantry, and consider students' health and well-being, community needs, and eco-sustainability. "Growing Together" intentionally fosters teamwork within the iTerm classroom and the after-school Garden Club, encouraging students to make decisions as a group and merging formal academic curriculum and extracurricular activities to support character development with a hands-on and holistic approach.
Contact: Tracy Maurer,
Principle(s): 3, 2
Topics: Service to School/School Beautification, Service to Community/Service Learning, Engaging/Interactive Curriculum
Northfield Area Learning Center — Northfield
Implementing Social Emotional Learning Curriculum
Using multiple social emotional learning models, a curriculum was developed and is being implemented during advisory period to enhance students’ personal responsibility. Students plan service activities to give back to the community and are working to ensure there is a respectful and welcoming atmosphere for new students.
Contact: Daryl Kehler,
Principle(s): 4, 2
Topics: Teen Programs/Personal Responsibility, Behavior Management/Positive Discipline, Community Members
North Star Academy — Duluth
Stuffed Animal Buddy Project
Eighth-grade students interact with kindergarten students creating a stuffed animal and a story about the animal for their buddy partner resulting in positive relationships between the two age groups. Prior to the interaction, the eighth graders learn about being a positive role model and art skills.
Contact: Bonnie Jorgenson,
Principle(s): 3, 2
Topics: Relationship Building, Teaching/Learning of Core Values, Engaging/Interactive Curriculum
Raleigh Academy — Duluth
Raleigh’s Veterans Day Program
Raleigh Academy’s annual Veterans Day program honors area service members as students learn about respect, responsibility and how the holiday fits with the school’s core values. The program includes music, technology projects, and readings by the students.
Contact: Danielle Perich,
Principle(s): 5, 1
Topics: Service to Community/Service Learning, Integration into Curriculum, Teaching/Learning of Core Values

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